Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Etsy Listings

plague of pigeons etsy shop

I finally put some new vintage listings up on etsy, and there are a bunch more going up in the next few days!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pretty Penny & Calivintage

calivintage tote bag from pretty penny

I'm behind in getting around to posting this, but last Friday I went to Pretty Penny for the Calivintage pop-up shop and art show. It was packed! I ended up with a tote bag full of goodies, including the 2 Calivintage dresses below, (and the orange shirt and blue dress in the background of the dressing room pic), had some wine, and bought the super cute bunny and wolf prints below.

new green dress from calivintage pretty penny pop-uppink scallop neck dress from calivintage pretty penny pop-up

Shirley Temple

So, did you guess who I'm going to be for Halloween yet? Yep, Shirley Temple! She was my hero as a kid, and was my inspiration for taking tap and dance classes. For some reason she popped into my head when I was thinking of possible Halloween costumes, and later the same day I found tap shoes in my size at a thrift store so I figured it was meant to be! When I started looking for pictures of her on the internet, it was immediately obvious that I wouldn't need to buy a dress or outfit for my costume since she apparently is still my style icon and I have plenty of dresses that would work. The hard part is going to be the hair. When I was little, I took any chance I could get to make my mom put my hair in curlers so I could have hair like Shirley's, but I don't know if I can do it on my own. I had a hard time narrowing down the pictures of her to put in this post, so here are a bunch of (though not all!) my favorites.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bay Area Baseball

Baseball has been pretty exciting in the Bay Area lately, with both the Giants and the A's winning their divisions and both in the playoffs. I grew up with my family being Giants fans since most of my family is from San Francisco, and with my friends being A's fans since I grew up in the East Bay. I'm mostly a Giants fan but still fond of the A's. Especially since we have tickets to the A's game tomorrow, but they have win tonight first! When I saw the orange plaid skirt below, the first thing I thought of was wearing it to a Giants game, so, I thought I'd make some outfits on Polyvore to cheer on both teams! And, another good thing about being a Giants fan in October is that the colors work for Halloween too!

Go Giants!

In the Tiki Room

horizons foundation photobooth

Another party with a photobooth! We were invited by a friend to volunteer at an event over the weekend, and had a great time.  The after party was at the Tonga Room which is an awesome tiki bar with a floating island band and it rains inside. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, an open bar!

tonga room

tonga room

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Learning to Garden

pink rose

yellow daisy flowers

purple aster flowers

Since we moved into a house with all kinds of lovely plants growing all around it, I'm attempting to learn how to not kill everything. I'm already having a terrible time keeping up with the gardening, and am still trying to get the bugs and some other problems under control. The previous owner of our house left us an AMAZING binder full of info about all the plants and when they were planted but I really needed more about the troubleshooting aspect of gardening. We got a great organic gardening book, Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, from friends as a housewarming gift which has been super informative and interesting, but I also picked up the Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening at a thrift store which has been tremendously helpful to a newbie like me. 

The only problem is that the book REEKS of cigarette smoke! So, if anyone knows how to febreeze a book, let me know! In the meantime, I'll be trying to air it out in the garden. Next, I want to pick up a copy of The Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener's Handbook: Make the Most of Your Growing Season maybe to help plan our vegetable garden once Jordan gets around to building the planters for it. I also bought some bulbs that I'll be planting this month so hopefully we'll have a whole bunch of pretty new flowers in the Spring too!

I do have to say, the worst part for me about the gardening so far is the bugs and creatures. There is a crazy food chain that goes on in our yard's eco-system. We have tons of teeny little bugs that attract spiders, and we have so many spiders, which attracts wasps, and we have birds and humming birds and crows and butterflies, and I think there was a gopher in the neighborhood that has since moved on. I even found this creepy dried up little guy last weekend... and I'm hoping that wherever his family is that they have followed the gopher away from our yard!

dried up dead baby snake