Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gold Wallpaper

I've really had gold wallpaper on my mind for some reason. I would love to add some gold accents to the wall behind my bed. I've really been thinking about what I want to do to that wall since it's the wall that makes the most sense in my house to use as some kind of crazy accent wall. I think the top 2 wallpapers are my favorites, but a little pricey for my budget, and the wall I'm thinking about is already painted over wallpaper so I don't know how crazy it might be to add another layer. Especially since I have no idea what I'm doing! It's probably more realistic to put up some kind of panel(s) or use gold paint to paint a pattern directly on the wall. Then I could maybe do some kind of pattern for most of/the middle of the wall and some kind of crazy free-form thing as it spreads out? Hmm... I think I'll have to think a little more before I actually start this project.

edit- after posting yesterday I learned that you can now design your own wallpaper and wall decals at Spoonflower! How cool is that? Of course, this just adds yet another option for what to do instead of narrowing down my choices...


  1. I LOVE, love the gold deer wallpaper, super fun! Visiting for the ModSquad group btw :) Cool blog!

  2. I meant from the ModSquad group btw* haha :)

  3. Hi Alyssa! Your blog is so cute!