Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Moo

moo stickers and business cards

plague of pigeons moo business cards

plague of pigeons moo stickers

Yay! I love the Yay! sticker that comes on new goodies from Moo! I just got some new business cards and stickers from them and I think they turned out pretty cute. I had some cards from them before that I made using one of their cute pre-designed templates (if you're in the market for business cards, they have the best pre-done designs in my opinion!) but I was really excited to order some that I actually designed myself. Another super cool thing that Moo does is that you can order a set of business cards and have them all look different, so you could get cards with different pictures on each one if you wanted. There is a 10% off referral deal at Moo right now if you are interested, but mostly I just wanted to share my new goodies.
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